How to Create and Delete a User on Debian 9

How to Add User to a Group in Linux | PhoenixNAP KB Nov 06, 2019 How to add a user to Sudoers in Debian -H2S Media Sep 17, 2019 Adding Yourself to the Audio Group That way, you have control over the sound I/O going on in your machine. (It's perhaps a little paranoid approach for any single-user laptop, but it's good practice, and should be implemented on any desktop system.) To add yourself to the audio group, do: spycellar:~# adduser yourname audio

addgroup(8) — adduser — Debian jessie — Debian Manpages

HowTo: Grant Root Access to User - Root Privileges - Linux The correct way to add a user with root privileges is adding the user the normal way, useradd -m user, and then add privileges with visudo to the user. So if you have a backup user that haves root privileges in visudo. you will be able to login to the linux machine via ssh, and you will be able to change the uid and group to the “broken” user. Ubuntu Linux Add a User To Group www-data ( Apache Group Aug 15, 2019

Sep 05, 2018

How to Add LDAP Users and Groups in OpenLDAP on Linux Add a LDAP Group using ldapadd. Just like adding user, use ldapadd command to add the group from the group1.ldif file that we created above. # ldapadd -x -W -D "cn=ramesh,dc=tgs,dc=com" -f group1.ldif Enter LDAP Password: adding new entry "cn=dbagrp,ou=groups,dc=tgs,dc=com" Create LDIF file for an existing Group. To add an existing user to a How to Add User to a Group in Linux | PhoenixNAP KB Nov 06, 2019