Jun 30, 2020

Give the youngsters a chance at full-time reps for cripes sake. What better time to find out what you have to work with going forward? 3. Reply. Bill the Cat. 13 hours ago. CRIPES | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary cripes meaning: an expression of surprise. Learn more. Cripes definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary Perhaps cripes, crikey and (my own favourite) crivvens could make a comeback. Times, Sunday Times (2009) So people are wondering if this person used the words 'cripes' or 'balderdash' much. Times, Sunday Times (2015) And, cripes, was it glamorous. Times, Sunday Times (2017) Oh For CRIPES SAKES.Leave the Damn KIDS Alone.New Jan 15, 2020

Hey all! I was going to kick off this blog with a big bang, say hello to y’all and introduce myself, but there was an itty-bitty problem. You see…my camera is in time-out.

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Feb 07, 2019

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