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You can get a wireless bridge like the wet610n and connect it wirelessly to one router you want to receive the signal form, which will hardwire in the other wireless router. I have a similar setup. Wireless router connecs wirelessly to wet610n bridge, which connects hard wired into a non wireless d-link router. But you can also use a wireless Connect a wireless router to another wireless rout The original question was about trying to connect two routers wirelessly to one another like point to point bridge kind of thing. These extenders can offer the best security and the best wireless experience but what is the point if the routers themselves do not support these features in the context that the poster requires from his netgear products. How to Connect Two Routers on a Home Network [Wired]

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Oct 05, 2015 · 1.go to wireless then wireless security and change the default WiFi password 2.after that go to basic settings and give WiFi network name 3.enable WDS and click scan and select the WiFi network The DVR has a network port and has the ability to connect to the internet via broadband router. I don't want to string cable from my living room to my office where my WRT54G router is. I have a Vista machine and an OS X machine wired to it and there are two laptops (one Vista, one OS X) that I use with the router wirelessly.

By connecting a second router to the coax you would essentially have two routers connected to the ONT. The ONT can only have 1 connected directly to it. But what you can do is use MOCA bridge to the coax so that it gives you an coax to Ethernet connection, but still only have one router connected to the ONT.. The bridge would allow your ethernet device to talk to the router, then the router to