4. Click on DNS on the top section. Then click on the DNS Server IP and remove it with the - (minus) button below. Then Click + (plus) button below to add Smart DNS Proxy IP addresses on the next step. 5. Fill DNS Server IPs. Click on + button on the bottom left side of the screen to enter DNS …

Apr 10, 2020 How to Remove Unlocator - Unlocator Support Jul 02, 2020 Smart DNS Proxy Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of Upon closer inspection you see that the certificate is for Smart DNS. If at this point you proceed, then you need to remove the override that you have placed on Firefox before you can ever go to the correct target site again (BBC, Sky, BT - whatever) as otherwise you will permanently get routed to Smart DNS. Smart DNS Proxy VPN-anmeldelse 2020 - Det du skal vide Smart DNS Proxy har sikre og hurtige DNS servere til dit brug. Du skal blot modificere din DNS IP-adresse på enheder du anvender, til en Smart DNS Proxy IP-adresse. Så går alle din DNS forespørgsler gennem deres sikre DNS netværk. De har servere globalt i alle lande, til at lede dig til den rette trafik gennem deres DNS.

Remove Smart DNS Proxy Adware - How to Remove Smart DNS

Jul 30, 2015 · Hi, the reason you are being rerouted is because your free trial is over and you are still using their DNS on your computer. You just need to remove their DNS from your mac > network > dns section.

How to Remove Unlocator - Unlocator Support

Removal Smart DNS Proxy - Help please - English Forum Jan 21, 2017 Is there a way to easily turn off Smart DNS Proxy Is there a way to easily turn off Smart DNS Proxy? I am from an Asian country, and I signed up for Smart DNS Proxy to access Netflix US. While I love the MUCH huger library of Netflix US, there are shows I watch that are exclusive to my country. There you will find an option to turn off Netflix routing - no need to remove the DNS from your