Open the TCP Port 1723: The 806 error message does provide some insight on the issue by stating …

VPN Error 806: VPN Validate Server Certificate Re-Enables Oct 05, 2012 PPTP VPN returning GRE error (806 & 807) - Comcast Have a Business Class Gateway set up in bridge mode, using a router running DDWRT firmware. Router forwards incoming VPN traffic to the correct LAN address. This setup has worked flawlessly since we started with Comcast 3 years ago. No recent changes to the VPN server or router. In the last we Error 806 (ERROR_VPN_GRE_BLOCKED) when connecting to VPN

Jul 20, 2016

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Error 806 (ERROR_VPN_GRE_BLOCKED) when connecting to VPN Because the other XP clients are connecting, I think the problem must be with the client device running Vista. There is no specific difference between XP and Vista as GRE as used by both for PPTP. VPN error 806. Hangs on Verifying username and password Aug 30, 2011