Kerberos (/ ˈ k ɜːr b ər ɒ s /) is a computer-network authentication protocol that works on the basis of tickets to allow nodes communicating over a non-secure network to prove their identity to one another in a secure manner.

tcp,udp: DNS: DNS (Domain Name Service) used for domain name resolution. There are some attacks that target vulnerabilities within DNS servers. Cisco Webex Teams services uses these ports: 443,444,5004 TCP 53, 123, 5004, 33434-33598 UDP (SIP calls) Xbox 360 (Live) ports: 3074 TCP/UDP, 53 TCP/UDP, 80 TCP, 88 UDP Hi all, I have a problem with getting port forward to work. Does this config look right? Basically I want to forward all traffic from ports UDP 88 to internal, TCP & UDP 3074 also to internal Also port TCP & UDP 32400 to internal Also another question i TCP/UDP 88 Kerberos Authentication System. POP. TCP 110 Post Office Protocol. NTP. TCP 123 Network Time Protocol. NBNS. UDP/TCP 137 NetBIOS Name Service. IMAP4. TCP 143 You can open (forward) some TCP or UDP ports for troubleshooting. Help us improve EA Help! Take Survey No, Thanks. 5223 Xbox One 88, 3074, 53, 500, 3544, A breakdown of TCP and UDP to use for Call of Duty games The following is a growing list of platform-specific TCP and UDP ports used for Call of Duty games. Learn more about Port Forwarding and NAT Types . These ports must be open for AD integration: TCP 88, TCP 445, UDP 88, and UDP 389. To open a port, navigate to Start > Control Panel > System and Security. Click Check firewall status. The Windows Firewall window appears. Click Advanced settings. The Windows Firewall and Advanced Security screen appears. Click Inbound Rules. Click New Rule. Sep 22, 2018 · The UDP-LX800 supports most common video and audio formats, provides good power supply performance, with solid overall design and stereo analog conversion. However, just like the LX500, it too lacks analog 5.1 and 7.1 decoding support, providing multi-channel audio only via its HDMI connections or as a PCM down mix to analog stereo.

Apr 28, 2020 · 88/TCP/UDP: Kerberos: 49152 -65535/TCP/UDP: 445/TCP: SMB (**) 49152 -65535/TCP: 49152-65535/TCP: DFSR RPC (*) NETBIOS ports as listed for Windows NT are also required

NAT/Gaming Skip to Main Content Device Broadband Home Network Voice Firewall Diagnostics Status Packet Filter NAT/Gaming Public Subnet Hosts IP Passthrough Firewall Advanced NAT/Gaming Hosted Applications Service Ports Device Delete Port 3544 UDP: 3544 Port 4500 UDP: 4500 XBox Live 360 TCP/UDP: 3074,88 Port 80 TCP: 80 Port 53 TCP/UDP: 53 192 Hello, i am reaching out to the Netgear community today to ask you guys what i should do about what you see below. I have encountered Dos attacks before, but i have never encountered a TCP/UDP Chargen before. Please help ASAP as this attack keeps repeating every time i get on my computer. Thank you tcp/udp Kerberos 88 tcp/udp ntp ** 123 udp End Point Mapper (DCE/RPC Locator Service) 135 tcp NetBIOS Name Service 137 udp NetBIOS Datagram 138 udp NetBIOS Session 139 tcp LDAP 389 tcp/udp SMB over TCP 445 tcp Kerberos kpasswd 464 tcp/udp LDAPS *** 636 tcp Global Catalog 3268 tcp Global Catalog SSL *** 3269 tcp Dynamic RPC Ports **** 49152-65535

Jan 28, 2020 · This appendix lists the TCP and User Datagram Protocol UDP ports that Cisco ISE uses for intranetwork communications with external applications and devices. The Cisco ISE ports listed in this appendix must be open on the corresponding firewall.

Sep 28, 2011 · I need to open Port TUP 80,Udp 88,TCP 3074,UDP 3074,TCP 53, UDP 53 and set my upnp to enabled how do I do it - Answered by a verified Network Technician