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Open Grindr. This app icon looks like a yellow/orange mask. You can find this app on your Home …

Any way to hide / change location on Grindr ? I am so curious as to how the gays in the area look. But I live in a rough neighborhood that is probably largely homophobic. I don’t feel safe if they can know where I am ( lot of crime ). I’d get the app if they couldn’t literally track me down feet by feet.

From a technical standpoint, finding someone's precise location from their Grindr profile is deceptively easy.Based on your current location, Grindr tells you the location of other users in the area, with a level of precision down to the meter. On its own, that's not exactly useful: if you're in a city, there's quite a lot of people within 6452 yards of you. How to fake your location on Grindr Using iPhone - codepaste