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Jun 16, 2020 PIA for Torrenting Review - BitTorrentVPN PIA MACE is a new addition. It's their own ad/tracker/malware blocker. There are several blockers available for browsers. Some for ads, some for trackers, some for malware, and some all in one. With the PIA MACE enabled, there is no need for those browser extensions. This update is … Private Internet Access - Chrome Web Store – About Private Internet Access: Private Internet Access (PIA), is the leading no-log VPN service provider in the world. PIA believes that access to an open internet is a fundamental human right and donates effusively to causes such as EFF and FFTF to promote privacy causes internationally. No MACE on PIA Android app? : PrivateInternetAccess If you downloaded the PIA Android app from the Play Store, then MACE is not enabled. The Play Store has a rule against apps interfering with other apps, including blocking ads system-wide, so the Play Store version had to drop the MACE feature. If you want MACE on Android, you can download the PIA Android app directly from PIA instead.

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN Review - Is Now Better?

PIA for Torrenting Review - BitTorrentVPN

PIA has a very similar system. It’s called PIA Mace. It can be turned on before you establish a connection to the VPN. Once initiated, it will block unwanted ads, prevent malware from affecting your computer, and stop hidden trackers from watching your every move online. Like CyberSec, IP Mace can make a huge difference in how you browse the web.

The so-called “PIA Mace” feature enables you to block certain domains used for malware, trackers, and ads. Finally, there is a reliable killswitch implemented to block your Internet connection in case your VPN gets compromised. Private Internet Access Review 2020 - Best VPN Guru