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The 1932 version of The Mummy starring Boris Karloff is one of the greatest horror movies ever made, right up there with the 1930s versions of Dracula and Frankenstein. And now an extremely rare movie poster for The Mummy could become the most expensive in the world after it goes up for auction starting today and running through Halloween.

The Bryn Mawr College Egyptology Association is showing The Mummy [1932], staring Boris Karloff, for our Egypt in the Movies Film Series. For more information, check out our Facebook page or email Talk:The Mummy (1932 film) - Wikipedia The Mummy is a 1932 horror film directed by Karl Freund for Universal Studios. The film, starring Boris Karloff as a revived ancient Egyptian priest who seeks the soul of his long-dead lover, was inspired by the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922 and the rumored … The Mummy (1932) — Horror Film History Sep 13, 2017 The Mummy (1932) | The Mummy was directed by Karl Freund, the genius cinematographer who filmed Metropolis and Der Golem in Germany before filming Dracula and Murders in the Rue Morgue for Universal. It has often been said that Freund's presence on the Dracula set was a stronger influence than that of …