UnoTelly and Netflix save you a ton over traditional cable

I recently came across a service called Unotelly, which offers customers access to online video content libraries without any geographic limitations. Since Unotelly has been gracious enough to offer a discount coupon giveaway for readers of, I thought it would be good to highlight it and take a look at the impact this kind of service could have on the pace of adoption of Dec 21, 2014 · That’s where UnoTelly does it’s magic! It makes the server think that you are from the particular country which has access and let’s you in! Let me explain with an example. Netflix is an online TV channel service that can only be accessed by the citizens of the United States (US). Apr 20, 2014 · His solution came in the form of a DNS service from UnoTelly called UnoDNS. The contents on Netflix are geo-restricted, meaning that Netflix allows you to view their contents only if you are coming from the countries (currently the US, Canada, UK and a few others) that they serve. May 07, 2016 · UnoTelly is a service that will let the individuals to use streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, outside the U.S and also let the clients inside the U.S to get in on the things like BBC iplayer. There are other different services which do this, but above all, UnoTelly is the simplest way. In short, it’s modest and it lives up to expectations. UnoVPN is a VPN service provided by UnoTelly, which is exclusively available to the subscribers of the Gold Plan. UnoVPN allows you to access the Internet through 5 different networks based on US, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Germany.

UnoTelly not working with Netflix? Try this workaround

UnoTelly Review - Get Netflix USA in Canada| Survivemag UnoTelly has a high-speed connection right to the video provider. In all the time I’ve been watching video with UnoTelly, I’ve never had it lag. There is no bandwidth cap – I have UnoTelly installed on 4 computers, 2 iPads, and 2 TVs. We all watch video, and we all experience the same level of service. [Resource] Unotelly - Content without Boundaries | Tech

UnoTelly SmartDNS Tears Down Virtual Borders & Opens Up a

UnoTelly is a VPN and/or DNS service which was very useful for those who wish to see the online streaming channels. If you are travelling around the world and if you don’t want to miss any of the channels like the US version of the Netflix or the Canada version of the Spotify then you need to go for the service like UnoTelly that will let you to watch most of the channels around the world. UnoTelly, A must for Online TV watchers - Tech Review