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Join hundreds of companies and buy the Austria data retention schedule. It includes all data retention periods applicable in Austria. From the Austrian Civil Code down to the Waste Detection Regulation. You will know exactly how long to store your data in Austria, whether it concerns e.g. your accounting, fiscal, HR, CRM, or personal data. Australia's new data retention laws came into effect on 13 October 2015. Under the laws telecommunications service providers (including ISPs) must retain certain data about the use of their services for a two year period and make that data available to law enforcement bodies on request. Australia's data retention act poses a clear threat to individual privacy in a way that is not clearly justified under international law. While criticisms about the necessity and proportionality of the act were raised by a range of different actors during its passage, the government did not ultimately need to prove its assertion that the act

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Australia’s data retention scheme comes during a period of great international scrutiny of indiscriminate surveillance regimes (Brown et al., 2015). Edward Snowden’s revelations of the extent of surveillance of global internet traffic captured by the Five Eyes alliance (of which Australia is a member) have fuelled intense concern about how Australia's data retention law: What is it and how to