How to use your own modem and router with Comcast

Jul 26, 2018 How to Give Guests Access to Your Wi-Fi Without Exposing The normal process would be to hand over the passcode printed on the back of your router, but there’s actually a much better option: a guest access point. The A.V. Club Deadspin How to See Who's On Your Wi-Fi | PCMag Apr 06, 2020 How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Range with Another Router Your router isn’t ready, and it will misbehave if you apply the new settings too early. Next, head to the Wireless section, and make the following changes on the Basic Settings sub-page.

I had it connected just via LAN to the Fios router but this was creating Double NAT and speed issues. I don't have the ability to run ethernet from the dining room to my office to do the suggested switch from coax to ethernet on the ONT method to use my own router since I need a hardwired connection to my office computer.

Find a Compatible Router: If you have an old router sitting around, check with the manual to make …

Aug 10, 2019

How to share internet from your PC to a router via