People do say that rooted Android is not as powerful as jailbroken iOS devices. Well, here is a chance to prove them wrong. These free apps for rooted Android would boost up your Android utility factor. Pimp your Android with these must have rooted apps and see how useful you would find your Android. 5 Must Have Rooted Apps For Android. Adfree

So here we are bringing up the list of top 10 best apps for rooted android phones that certainly help you to customise your android phone fully. In 2008 when the first Android phone is launched for commercial use all the features and functioning of the phone is decided by the phone manufacturer. 5). Titanium Backup. Titanium Backup is a long time backup app which has always made it to the list of the best apps for rooted Android. It is the most convicted and commanding Android backup tools with over 20 million users and it supports some 31+ languages. As we know, Rooted Android device can perform better than other Android devices with some apps. For this reason, we have reviewed The 10 Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices. Different apps with different features. Make your choice and download the app to get some awesome features. No doubt, your device going to perform better than before. Once rooted, however, you will find plenty of apps like Titanium that will entirely back up your rooted device. #8 – Rooting Android – Access to root files. When you are Rooting Android device, you have access to a number of files, sections and parts of your device that would otherwise not be available.

Here is the list of Top Android Apps for Rooted Android Devices. One of the reasons why people like Android device over the iPhone, Android is more customizable than the iPhone. There are thousands of apps available on the Google Play Store just to change the look of your Android device. You can change Themes, launchers, icon packs, widget

Top 5 Next-Gen Backup Apps for Android Phones | TechWebSpace It is among the best backup android apps in 2020. Explore advanced data sharing and transferring features of this app for android phones. It is a perfect solution for non-rooted Android devices and allows you to navigate your devices’ online storage from any device. Top Six Ways to Customize Your Rooted Android Devices

Jan 28, 2020 · Top 5 Best Root Apps for Android 1. Titanium Backup. Titanium Backup is an Android app backup tool exclusively available for rooted Android devices. It 2. Greenify. Greenify is one of the best apps that you can install on a rooted Android device. It is a must-have app for 3. Link2SD. Link2SD

Greenify is one of the best utility app for users of rooted Android devices. Honestly, this app is unrivaled for the functions it provides. Recently, a version of the app for non-root Android users has been released, but not with limitations that keeps reminding you of the reasons why you need the root version. Best 45+ Must Have Apps for Rooted Android Phones(Updated 45 Best Root Apps for Android Phones(New and Updated) 1. Rom Toolbox. ROM Toolbox is included in a category of one of the must have rooted apps for every root user. It is found that this application is best for app manager, rom management, root explorer, scripter & terminal emulator, and other good features. Top 5 Best Root Applications for your Android Device in 2019