Aug 18, 2019 · The SSID is a sequence of characters, with a max of 32 characters, which uniquely marks your wireless network. Think of it like your network's name. By default, most systems will broadcast this SSID to make it easier for you to find and use.

I also don't want the name of my network showing up for others to see. Is it possible to make my networks hidden on my Lumia 930? I know on a full Windows OS you can set you BT to be hidden but on. I know with some routers you can hide the name, so to connect to them, they are considered 'hidden'. That's what I am curious about. My HP printer shows up when scanning my home WiFi connections. It shows up as unsecured. Other posts on this blog say it is a "second" ad-hoc network connection and that it can be shut off if HP Direct Wireless printing is turned off. I have gone into the web configuration page of my printer (it is If not hiding the SSID is more secure, then how about allowing the few or many with an option to at least change the name as to possibly keep my camera system incognito. Or maybe from someone putting on a ski mask or paper bag on and taking off with some very expensive magnetic cameras to go sell on eBay, Craigslist or offer-up. Otherwise, the users need to know the network name and manually connect to it. Disabling SSID broadcasting is a good way to reduce the risks of being an easier target of network intruders. You can choose to hide SSID to disable the SSID broadcasting. To hide the network name (SSID): 1. The SSID was never designed to be hidden, and therefore won't provide your network with any kind of protection if you try to hide it. G/O Media may get a commission 10% off Blue Light Glasses Check the modem’s SSID and, if it is one of these defaults, change the network name to something that only you know. How to find a wireless modem’s SSID. To find the modem’s current SSID, enter its IP address to access the administrator’s configuration pages via a computer. Most modem manufacturers use a default address such as

Hiding the broadcast of my Wireless network name (the SSID

How to hide a WiFi SSID from being broadcast in Windows 10 Actually you can find this option in your WiFi Router login page. Just login and go to WiFi settings and the Hide SSID option probably looks like this given image below You just have to check/Tick on that box and that’s it you’re done. I hope this Disabling Wi-Fi SSDI display for security of my home Jun 07, 2017

Dec 18, 2016 · Hide wifi network name of routers Step-1 At first, open your web browser and type in the address bar then press enter to reach that router login page. It is the

How Do I Hide My Neighbors' Wifi Networks? Obviously, you’ll want to replace the [[[NAME]]] part with the name of whatever wifi network you want to hide. Keep the quotes. If you ever want to look up what wireless networks you added to Hiding the broadcast of my Wireless network name (the SSID