Keep your dedicated infrastructures protected against DDoS attacks. OVH offers the most powerful anti-DDoS solution on the market. It provides your services with round-the-clock protection against all types of DDoS attack, without any limitations in terms of volume or duration.

Normally, the outcome isn’t too bad if the VPN provider is ready for potential DDoS attacks. So in the case of StrongVPN, this shouldn’t be a concern since all their servers have DDoS protection. Does a VPN Prevent DDoS Attacks 100% of the Time? Not exactly. If a VPN has poorly implemented DDoS protection, it can’t really help you. How To Connect A VPN To Your XBOX/ PS3! *EASY (Prevent Oct 25, 2016 Protecting Gamers from DoS and DDoS Attacks Jun 22, 2016 Best VPN for Gaming - Try It Yourself! | NordVPN

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Sep 05, 2019 Does NordVPN Have DDoS Protection?

Jun 22, 2016

Jun 24, 2018 VPN Voxility - DDoS Protected VPN Voxility or OVH. Our DDoS protected VPN service is competent enough to withstand the most complex DDoS attacks. HFN’s DDoS protected VPN provides is a revolutionary feature that protects users from DDoS attacks that slow down gaming speed or affect servers. HFN’s anti-DDoS hides your real IP from the attackers and filters the incoming traffic to your connection through Zetsal VPN - DDoS Protected VPN DDoS Protected and Secured VPN service. we care about your privacy that's why use we military grade encryption and OVH Game and NFO DDoS Protection to keep you online. Anti-DDoS: Our anti-DDoS solutions - OVH