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Jan 14, 2018 · PF is an acronym for packet filter. It was created for OpenBSD but has been ported to FreeBSD and other operating systems. It is a stateful packet filtering engine. This tutorial will show you how to set up a firewall with PF on FreeBSD 10.x and 11.x server to protect your web server. pf — packet filter. SYNOPSIS. pseudo-device pf. DESCRIPTION. Packet filtering takes place in the kernel. A pseudo-device, /dev/pf, allows userland processes to control the behavior of the packet filter through an ioctl(2) interface. There are commands to enable and disable the filter, load rulesets, add and remove individual rules or state The two that I use most frequently are the OpenBSD PF User's Guide and Peter N.M. Hansteen's tutorial Feel free to email me if you detect any glaring errors. I am no expert on pf, but hope that this brief introduction will make it easier for the novice to grasp its basic concepts. bit.listserv.openbsd-pf . Discussion: PF Congestion (too old to reply) Eric Camirand 2019-08-09 06:31:56 UTC. Permalink. Hello, I'm testing a new dns server (nsd) and One reason not to scrub on an interface is if one is passing NFS through PF. Some non-OpenBSD platforms send (and expect) strange packets -- fragmented packets with the "do not fragment" bit set, which are (properly) rejected by scrub. This can be resolved by use of the no-df option. PF was originally developed by Daniel Hartmeier and is now maintained and developed by the entire OpenBSD team. This set of documents, also available in PDF format, is intended as a general introduction to the PF system as run on OpenBSD. Even if it covers all of PF's major features, it is only intended to be used as The Packet Filter (PF) firewall in OpenBSD 4.4 and later offers traffic interception using several very simple methods. This configuration example details how to integrate the PF firewall with Squid for interception of port 80 traffic using either NAT-like interception and TPROXY-like interception.

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This was done on OpenBSD 6.3 : Enable PF on host; Enable snmpd with PF MIBs; Configure Telegraf to poll OpenBSD snmpd; Configure Telegraf to store data in InfluxDB

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