Dec 27, 2018

How to check DNS settings on Mac OS X 10.7 - IS&T Apr 25, 2016 How to configure DNS for Internet access in Windows Server Apr 17, 2018

Scroll up the information in the window to the "DNS Servers" item on the left side. To the right you will see your computer's primary DNS server address as well as its secondary one (if your computer has a secondary). For example: DNS Servers: The top address is the primary DNS and the bottom is the secondary.

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This will send a query to the DNS server to go fetch the IP address for 2. The DNS server that the client uses may not know the IP address. This can be your local Active Directory DNS server or your ISP DNS server. If it doesn’t know the IP address of the domain it will forward it on to the next DNS …

Aug 05, 2019